Saturday, May 25, 2024

Podunk Local Paper

Republican Hung Cao, who is seeking the nomination to run for U.S. Senate against incumbent Tim Kaine, recently referred to the Staunton News Leader as a “podunk local paper” and doubled down by adding “you wouldn’t even wrap your fish with that.” According to the Cardinal News, Cao also deems it a waste of time to travel to the 6th and 9th congressional districts to debate his opponents.

How is the News Leader even on Cao’s radar. Well, being part of the Gannett USA Today media network, the News Leader picked up a story about Cao’s Unleash America PAC not benefitting any Republican candidates for state and local office as promised when he created it in 2023. That story was picked up by the Virginia Public Assess Project news aggregator which attributed the story to the Staunton paper… that’s where Cao apparently learned about it.

A few observations…

Cao should research more before sounding off and belittling a newspaper and, indeed, an entire region. It does not speak well of his depth or temperament. He should at least have been aware that the article was actually from a respected national media organization and not some “podunk local paper.”

Maybe Mr. Cao prefers to campaign from his desk in NOVA via zoom, but most folks like to meet the candidate in person and take the measure of the man or woman. Tim Kaine knows this and visits the Shenandoah Valley and Southwest Virginia regularly. So Mr. Cao, take a tour down I-81, meet some folks, and maybe learn about the region’s transportation and infrastructure needs along the way. Plus, the scenery is great!

From where I perch in the Shenandoah Vally, Hung Cao’s candidacy appears to be “ridonkulous.”

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Ben Cline a hypocrite when he says he supports law enforcement

In his recent Sixth District Perspectives, Representative Ben Cline touted his support for National Police Week and stated that he wants “ to improve officer safety and help those who protect our communities.” Hum… what a crock of bullshit!  He saw nothing wrong with the January 6 insurrection when Donald Trump’s treasonous thugs stormed the United States Capitol, violently attacked police officers, and chanted hang Mike Pence. Wonder where Ben was hiding that day… probably shaking in fear behind a scummy mop in a janitor’s closet. He continues to support Trump’s “Unified Reich” where red ties have replaced the brownshirts of Adolph Hitler but the violent authoritarian filth remains. Yes, it is abundantly clear Bobblehead Ben supports the MAGA jackboots who care little for legitimate law enforcement officers who protect our communities and the rule of law.

The Sixth District of Virginia deserves so much better than the not-so-smart loser Ben Cline. Check out Ken Mitchell. He served over two decades in the military and in the White House under both parties. Ken will get things done in a bipartisan spirit, unlike the hyper-partisan and unimaginative Bobblehead Ben Cline.

Friday, May 17, 2024

Lowlife Supremes

QUESTION: How did the highest court in the land become infested with biased and unethical lowlifes like Sam and Clarence?

ANSWER: Republicans. 

Sunday, April 21, 2024

Cline the Appeaser

Bobblehead Ben Cline, again mis-representing the best interests of the 6th District of Virginia and the United States, joined the pro-Putin appeasers in the House of Representatives by voting against aid for Ukraine. If you can judge a man by the company he keeps, then Ben is wallowing the crazed right wing ignorance along with Bob Good, MTG, Chip Roy, and others of the so called “Freedom Caucus.” Most members of that “esteemed” cabal failed freedom by siding with the Russian dictator’s aggression. 

Fortunately there is an alternative this November… Ken Mitchell of Rockinghsm County is running for Congress. Mitchell has 24 years of military service and has worked in both Republican and Democratic administrations. He understands the threat that Putin and other authoritarian thugs present to democratic nations and world peace… something Bobblehead Ben repeatedly fails to comprehend as he is lead by the isolationist wing of the GOP. Check out Ken at his website and at this article in The Winchester Star. 

Friday, January 19, 2024

Bobblehead Ben votes to shut down the government

On the evening of January 18 the House passed a continuing resolution to keep the government running through early March. It required a 2/3s vote since the speaker suspended House rules in order to fast track it. 107 Republicans joined with 207 Democrats to avoid the shutdown. Bobblehead Ben preferred to follow the lead of such “stellar statesmen” as Lauren Boebert and Bob Good in support of tossing federal employees out of their jobs and denying important services to citizens. He’ll play it up in his next Perspectives newsletter bashing Democrats while conveniently forgetting the growing deficit under tRump. Up next for the Bobblehead… opposing any compromise on the border reached in the Senate. He’d rather have a red meat issue than a solution.

Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Bobblehead Ben Endorses Twice-Impeached Criminal

It came as no surprise that Bobblehead Ben endorsed the twice-impeached, many times indicted Donald John Trump for president. The Bobblehead, who supported all attempts… legal court challenges and the violent and illegal insurrection… was delusional in citing tRump’s “global leadership” and great economy as reasons for the endorsement. Guess Bobblehead is okay with the Trump organization receiving at least $7.8 million from nearly two dozen foreign government with the biggest chunks coming from authoritarian China. Bobblehead Ben is apparently sipping Kool-Aid… or bleach!

This endorsement comes at the same time that the former president’s lawyers argued for complete immunity for anything he did during his miserable term of office. Reminds me of President Nixon’s famous statement that “when the president does it, that means it is not illegal, by definition.” Laughable then and highly unlikely the appellate court will uphold anything close to that absurd argument. But, I imagine Bobblehead Ben buys this hook, line, and sinker. Dumb cluck.

Thursday, December 14, 2023

Bobblehead Ben Votes for Impeachment Inquiry

No surprise that Bobblehead Ben Cline joined all the other Republicans in voting to open an impeachment inquiry into President Biden. From all the credible sources in the media there is absolutely no evidence that the president violated his oath of office or committed any impeachable offense. It would be like a prosecutor bringing Belle Rose before a grand jury based on social media rumors when absolutely no crime has been committed.

This is a purely political move designed to (1) rile up the wingnut base of the Repugnant Party; (2) attempt to embarrass the Biden family; (3) sow chaos; and (4) exact the retribution that Dear Leader so desires.

The dumb clucks are digging themselves a hole they may not be able to climb out of. Predictions… 

  • Some Republicans in swing House districts will be defeated and the party will lose their slim majority,
  • The 6-8% of independent voters who will likely decide the 2024 presidential election are smart and will understand this was crass politics at its worst and punish the Republican nominee. 
  • President Biden will be strengthened politically and as commander-in-chief.
Unfortunately Bobblehead Ben is protected by the deep red 6th District and will easily be re-elected. On a brighter note, he’ll probably be a 🐔 roosting as a back bencher in the minority party. 😂