Sunday, September 12, 2010

Frack U II

A few weeks ago the Daily News Record reported that Carrizo (Marcellus Shale) Oil and Gas company had stopped pursuing a permit to mine natural gas in the Bergton area of Rockingham County. But, Carrizo made it clear it will reapply: "[we]...will take that permitting process up at a later date," stated Brad Fisher, vice president and chief executive officer.

If you live in Rockingham County or in much of the Shenandoah Valley (as well as West Virginia and Pennsylvania among other states), drilling for natural gas and the use of controversial hydraulic fracking is still a very real possibility. Want to learn more? If so, plan to attend an informational forum where people from all walks of life and with diverse views will gather to discuss the future of our economy, environment and way of life.

Saturday October 2, 2010 starting at 9:30 am
(come when you can - morning or afternoon - flexible "conversations design")
Broadway High School Broadway, Virginia
All issues of your concern are welcomed to the dialogue. Some topics for discussion are: property rights; state regulations; the effect on ground water, residents' wells, and rivers; mineral royalties; energy independence; roads; and the bond requirements for a permit to drill.

RSVP: Bruce Lundeen at (cell 540-383-4718)

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Act Blue - put your money where your heart and mind is

Okay... we're stuck with Bobble-Headed Bob in Congress for the next two years. Marching in lockstep with Tan Man Boehner and the other right wing "just say no" crowd. But good Democrats in Virginia's 6th District can help elect other progressives and keep Congress in the hands of people who look forward rather than backward. Representatives who will stand up for the middle class rather than bend over for the rich, the powerful, and the PACs. I've recently made a few donations and hope you will too. Suggestions:
Want more choices... want to spread your donations around to more Democrats? Visit Act Blue.