Friday, November 14, 2008

Big Bird in the Valley

Governor Tim Kaine visited the Valley with stops at Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center, Woodrow Wilson Birthplace, Blackfriars Theatre, Delta Springs Farm, and the Stonewall Jackson Hotel.
Below, Chris Graham of the Augusta Free Press talks with the Governor about the budget shortfall:
At every stop the Governor was ask about the budget and about continuing various programs of importance to Valley tourism, business, and agriculture. In addition to the AFP, there is more coverage and a photo gallery at The News Leader. and a shorter News Virginian article, that focuses more on a possible role for Tim Kaine in the Obama Administration.
It is interesting to note that local members of the General Assembly apparently didn't show up to greet the Governor. While I certainly wasn't at every event, the pictures and stories in the media don't indicate that Senator Hanger, Delegate Saxman, or Delegate Landes were present at any of the events. From what I can tell, there was no partisanship evident at any stop, either by Kaine or members of his cabinet.
A few officials from local government did join the Governor at some events. Staunton City Councilman Bruce Elder is in the video and he, along with Councilman Dave Metz, joined the entourage to Delta Springs Farm in Mount Solon. It surprised everybody to see a green Staunton trolley traveling Freemason Run Rd. and turning in the long drive to the beef and poultry farm. Also at the reception were officials of Farm Credit, the Headwaters Soil & Water Conservation District, the Virginia Turkey Federation, and others. Thought we might see Larry Howdyshell, a member of the Board of Supervisors and farmer who lives just a few miles down the road. But again, no local officials of the Republican persuasion were present at this nonpartisan event.
Before heading to tour a poultry house, Charles Horn described a number of innovations such less tilled land, green cover crops, protection of streams, and management of animal wastes that have earned his farm recognition as an environmental steward. Because of biohazards, only the Governor and cabinet members donned the blue biohazard coveralls and jumped on the trolley for the short drive to walk with the birds. 
Pictures from the Delta Springs Farm tour and all the other day's stops are on the Official Site of Governor Tim Kaine. Scroll down to Staunton Cabinet Community Day on November 13 and click on the links of the events of interest.
A proud day for Belle Rose, the Coarse Cracked Corn and Wheat chicken feed once produced at nearby Swoope Milling Co.

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Anonymous said...

Good point - no local legislators in attendance at any of the events. I was Kaine's shadow for the day. I hadn't even noticed their absence until it was pointed out here. Good catch.