Friday, January 2, 2009

Walk on the Wild(er) Side

Doug Wilder has joined the blogosphere. The former Virginia Governor (the first African-American elected as governor) and mayor of the City of Richmond, has a new job - blogger. Doug's blog is aptly called Wilder Visions. From his introductory post:
Leaving office as Richmond’s first popularly-elected Mayor in 60 years, I am confident that our City is moving in the right direction. The public overwhelmingly has likewise agreed. Just before the election, 81% of citizens surveyed in a City Council poll said the City was moving in the right direction.
The people are always ahead of politicians. Citizens provide the support for the vision and impetus for government – fighting crime, protecting the river, improving schools, and so on.
I know that we all want our government and our City to succeed and achieve even greater heights.
I will continue to live in the City I love, and will maintain an active voice. To that end, I will be starting a new blog called that will cover a variety of both local and national topics.
Welcome Doug. Welcome Governor Wilder. Welcome Mayor Wilder. 

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