Thursday, April 15, 2010

Weak Tea

The tea party types... well, let's just say they must like it weak. Weak arguments + weak facts + weak reality = weak tea. For all their mindless rhetoric, Americans are actually paying less taxes this year. Cumulatively, some $173 billion less in federal taxes (state taxes went up by $28.6 billion). True, if the debt continues to increase we'll have to cut spending and/or raise taxes... probably some combination of the two. But, for these economic times the combination of tax cuts and spending in the stimulus was the right prescription... although more infrastructure spending putting people to work would have improved the dosage.
Tea party folks have only a weak grasp of reality - for example, they conveniently forget about the cost of Iraq and Afghanistan. To date the wars have cost $983,268,475,000 and counting as I type... up, up, and away. The teabaggers seemingly have no problem with that. That figure doesn't include the costs of keeping troops in Europe, or Japan, or Korea a half century after those conflicts ended. How long will we have troops in Iraq? Afghanistan? Beyond that, defense accounts for over 20% of the federal budget.
About 45% of the federal budget goes to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid. Now, a fair number of the teabaggers I saw on TV are probably collecting at least two of those three. Do they want to give up their benefits? Or have them reduced? Doubtful... after all, they paid in and expect what they were promised. We do have to make adjustments... for example raising the SS age and the amount of income on which the payroll tax is collected. Even so, their protests are hypocritical. Nothing more, nothing less. Like most Americans, they like government spending when it benefits them and hate it when it benefits you.
If the tea parties are nonpartisan, how come most speakers and many organizers are Republican (not to mention some being racist or threatening violence)? Me thinks they doth protest too much. If ya gotta keep saying you are nonpartisan or bipartisan... you probably aren't.
Well, I've been very busy in the yard and garden, with family things, and counting Americans. No time for tea parties. But, I do enjoy and must have my morning coffee.


Anonymous said...

Three polls out this week have the number of Democrats in the Tea party groups at 14 to 18% maybe you know more than three polls.

Belle Rose said...

thanks for putting the ! on my point. Right wing R's and a few blue dogs make up the brew.