Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Bob McDonnell's right wing exports

Bob McDonnell talks about building business in the Old Dominion, but it appears he's spending time, money, and energy trying to export his right wing views to other states. According to the Green Mountain Daily, the Times Argus, and others the Virginia governor is helping raise funds for ultra conservative Vermont gubernatorial candidate Brian Dubie.

Taliban Bob has been blasted in Virginia as well as across the county and been reduced to fodder for comedians for his controversial, backwards, and downright stupid statements on issues such as sexual orientation, Confederate history month, and women's rights. Well out of the mainstream, many national politicians are distancing themselves from our governor. I guess Bob hopes to get Dubie elected so he'll have someone to sit with at meetings of the National Governors Association.

Governor McDonnell, now is not the time for you to spend any time or energy in the politics of another state. Virginia's budget remains in disarray with education (teacher layoffs), roads (still potholes here), and public safety (sheriffs' budgets cut, judgeships unfilled) demanding attention. While many of us would be glad to see you somewhere/anywhere else, the hard truth is you are the only governor we've got and we expect your focus - 100% of the time - on Virginia's problems. Besides, your controversial record doesn't exactly support Vermont's motto, "Freedom and Unity."


Anonymous said...

WTF you didn't say anything last year when Kaine was out of state at a fundraiser when we were in a state of emergency but he had a big D beside his name didn't he.

Anonymous said...

WTF you said plenty last year, but now excuse McDonnell because of the big R next to his name?