Friday, January 7, 2011

Pundits, Republicans, and other fools

I am growing tired of stupid pundits on MSNBC and Fox. The Repubs and Fox nearly always piss me off. What am I talking about - all the absurd commentary on the new jobs numbers that came out today. A big part of our economy's problem is the Bush (and yes, Clinton) "go-go" economics that tossed regs out the window and allowed out of control "capitalism," spiked with greed, to totally f*ck us over. Pundits like Chris Matthews on Hardball think it will be five years before jobs return. And fools like the new House Majority Leader give zero credit to President Obama for the (rather anemic) job growth we've have since Bush policies tanked the economy. But, with his appointments today is the president kissing up to big business and forgetting the people who elected him?

Huge global structural changes have fundamentally changed the US economy. Chris, I doubt those jobs will "return" in five years or ever. Eric, instead of partisan BS like calling every Obama initiative "job-killing," how about some real thinking, some real ideas for moving America forward. I suppose that is far beyond your capabilities.

In the meantime, the most insightful commentator on jobs and the condition of working folks in the USA was, and is, Bruce Springsteen, who in My Hometown, told us "these jobs are going boys and they ain't coming back." Springsteen was absolutely right - the manufacturing jobs of the 50s, 60s, 70s are gone to China, India, Indonesia. If Chris Matthews thinks they'll come back in five years he's a yapping fool. But, if Eric Cantor thinks cutting spending and rolling back health care reform will fix things, he's clearly just another partisan fool on the hill.


Anonymous said...

Most of the jobs that left were sent out by Bill Clinton(D) with NAFTA.

VallusCivis said...

so Health Care deform passes with a partisan majority but if Kantor dares to speak against it he is a partisan? Mmmmmkay.