Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Bobblehead Bob Ignores Defense Spending

Source: The International Institute for Strategic Studies

Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R) stopped by Rowe's Restaurant earlier this week to talk with "leaders" (i.e. GOP activists) about spending and regulations, and I'd imagine, his reelection. Of course, he went after Medicare and entitlements and attacked the GOP's favorite boogeyman, the EPA. 
But singing in the GOP chorus apparently means the congressman will ignore the outsized defense budget of the United States. The numbers in the chart speak for themselves, but if you want more of the dirty details, check out the press release of the The International Institute for Strategic Studies. Does the military of the U.S. really need to be so out of proportion to the rest of the world? Could its size and our unwanted presence in so many places actually make us an inviting target and much less safe? If Goodlatte is serious about reducing the debt,  Pentagon spending should be on the table, too.
A career politician, Goodlatte is being challenged by Karen Kwiatkowski for the Republican nomination. Kwiatkowski is way off the rails with many of her beliefs, but at least the former Air Force officer is willing to question some defense spending and polices, saying "I believe that the number of military bases, the amount of military spending, and the number of men and women in uniform deployed around the world do not always make us safer...." She also believes that our military should not be committed to fight unless "...wars are constitutionally declared by the Congress...."

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Anonymous said...

get off goodlattes case. he will win because he cares about the peopel and he's a republican and not a commie like you