Sunday, April 22, 2012

Goode Deal

Virgil Goode, the eccentric former congressman from Rocky Mount, Virginia captured the Constitution Party's nomination at its Nashville convention yesterday. James Clymer, a Pennsylvanian who has been the party's chair for more than a decade will be Goode's running mate.

Goode promises to attract disaffected Republicans and Democrats, saying,"Romney's and Obama's positions are not all that different. There's not much distinction. My position would be significantly different from either of them." Mirroring the Constitution Party platform, Goode wants to close the borders and sharply curtail programs like food stamps, foreign aid, and defense. The platform, and presumably Goode, also support life begins at conception laws (like the controversial trans-vaginal ultrasound), repeal of the 17th Amendment, reversing the "surrender" of the canal to Panama, and reestablishing the religious basis of all education. Reading the platform is akin to jumping into a time machine and finding your way into the minds of men such as Edmund Ruffin.

The Constitution Party has qualified for the ballot in just 15 states, but Goode and party officials promise they will be on many more ballots by Election Day. In Virginia Goode will begin circulating petitions - he needs at least 400 valid signatures in each congressional district and 10,000 statewide.

Hopefully Goode will qualify for the Virginia ballot. He will prove attractive to the Fire-Eater types in the tea party who despise President Obama and who, with no other choice, might hold their noses and vote for Romney. With a close race in purple Virginia that could make all the difference for the Commonwealth's electors and the White House. Goode's presence on the ballot could stir the pot in the 5th District congressional race as well.

So Virgil, welcome to the presidential race. May your appeal be irresistible to the birds of a feather now flocking together in the Grand Old Party.

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