Friday, July 20, 2012

Cooch watching

Although Virginia is a critical toss-up state in the presidential election, many eyes have turned to the Commonwealth's 2013 gubernatorial election - specifically on the likely GOP nominee, Ken Cuccinelli. For anyone other than reactionaries of the far right, the attorney general has a very dangerous mind. Activists on issues ranging from individual rights to protecting the environment are taking preemptive action to make sure Ken Cuccinelli, aka "the Cooch," is exposed in all his glorious wing nuttery.

The Cooch has made news, and Virginia a laughing stock, since he took office. You may remember him covering the left breast of the Virtus, the goddess of virtue, on pins of the Virginia State Seal. Changing our Founding Father's work is certainly job #1 in this AG's office!

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Then the Cooch used state resources and energy to sue the University of Virginia as a way of attacking climate scientist, Michael Mann. The Cooch, who rejects science and is a climate-change denying ideologue, alleged that Mann committed fraud by using UVA funding for the research. He also sued the EPA saying they had no scientific evidence to regulate greenhouse gasses. The attorney general had swings and misses on both cases, but in the meantime he spent an estimated $1 million in tax dollars. The Virginia Chapter Sierra Club has taken notice of this crazed anti-environment fanatic and launched their Cuccinelli is a Hoax campaign.

Ken Cuccinelli made his early political name trying to do away with abortion rights in the Commonwealth. As attorney general he has continued to do everything in his power to bring the power of big government to regulate lady parts. This past June, the Board of Health issued regulations for abortion facilities. Because they included a grandfather clause for existing facilities, the Cooch abandoned typical procedures and delayed action for a month before refusing to certify them. In response a group of abortion rights activists has started COOCH WATCH 2012 because, as their website notes, "The Cooch has been keeping an eye on your vagina, so now we’re going to keep an eye on him…"

The Cooch just keeps on embarrassing Virginia. Last night Rachel Maddow highlighted COOCH WATCH 2012 and discussed how the Cooch and Virginia Republicans probably torpedoed Governor Bob "ultrasound" McDonnell's craving to be tapped by Mitt Romney as the VP candidate. Rachel tells the story with humor and class....

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