Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Bob McDonnell: "a coward and a wuss"

Tonight on Hardball, former Pennsylvania governor Ed Rendell and current pundit said that, while he likes Governor Bob McDonnell, the commonwealth's chief executive is being a "coward and a wuss" on the issue of common sense gun control.

McDonnell has suggested that he has no problem with assault weapons with huge magazines in civilian hands. He also suggested that teachers with training and concealed weapons permits should carry guns on school grounds. He stopped short of proposing legisation, as the complete idiot Bob Marshall (who somehow keeps getting elected from Prince William County - are voters there completely brain dead?) that schools should be required to have staff toting weapons.

Okay, first I gotta admit that McDonnell hasn't been quite as bad as my worst fears. But, on the issue of guns it seems that most Virginia Republicans have their collective heads up the NRA's arse. When that group farts, Republicans get diarrea and spew the most vile stuff. Especially the real crazies like Bob Marshall.

Rendell is right: Governor McDonnell is a "coward and wuss" because he suspends common sense about public safety when it comes to standing up to bullies. Bob Marshall is, by contrast, stupid and dangerous. Prince William County, and the commonwealth, deserve better.

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Anonymous said...

amazing! these repubs don't trust teachers to teach but they trust them with guns around kids.