Friday, January 11, 2013

Shame on Bobblehead Bob

Bobblehead Bob
Our own Bobblehead Bob Goodlatte is a prominent member of the Republican Hall of Shame for voting against Sandy relief. The 6th District's #1 Bobblehead offered a pitiful explanation for his opposition to the $9.7 billion to pay for flood insurance claims saying some of the money would "not reach victims" and there would "not be offsets from other areas of government spending." The hypocrite didn't have these concerns when he advocated for emergency drought relief crop assistance.

Bob's bobblehead continues dancing in the back window of the tea party wingnut sedan. What doesn't he understand about "we the people?" What doesn't he get about "we take care of our own?" Bobblehead Bob is one of the people Jon Stewart was referring to when he asked, "Who are these assholes?"

Bob has a chance to pull his head out of his rectum by voting yes on the remaining Sandy relief legislation that will be taken up by the House on January 15. We shouldn't hold our breath - I suspect Bob will still be gazing where the sun don't shine.

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