Sunday, March 30, 2008

Why Drew Richardson Can't Win

The Drew Richardson folks, led by Rick Howell, are running a downhill campaign. Kind of like the Clinton campaign in this aspect - the more negative they get, the worse it is for their candidate. Ain't the politics of desperation great? Anyhow, good old Rick must be feasting on coarse cracked corn because the litter is getting deep in his recent posting "Top Ten Reasons.... why Sam Rasoul can't possibly win in November."
In response, how about 10 reasons Drew can't win the nomination, much less in November.
10. Drew has only lived in the district a couple years and has done little to build relationships in the community. How will he ever do so in the sprawling district? 9. Drew has not been an active contributing Democrat in Augusta Co. 8. Drew once stated that if he didn't get the Democratic nomination he'd consider running as an independent. Many Democrats doubt the sincerity of his retraction. 7. Drew won't get any support from the DPVA. 6. Drew won't get any support from the Congressional Campaign Committee. 5. Drew won't get more than luke warm support from Mark Warner who runs positive campaigns and won't want to be tainted by the ugliness of this one. Mark will hold his nose when he comes through the 6th District. 4. Drew won't get any support (or very little) from local Democratic Committees - too many bridges burned. 3. Drew, being a rookie in politics, made the mistake of delaying his entry in the race giving Sam Rasoul time to build an impressive base. 2. Drew, being a rookie in politics, made the mistake of approving Rick's and Adam's campaigns of negativity and distortion. 1. Drew doesn't seem to know that all politics is personal. He has a disdain for retail politics. He doesn't even seem to like people that much.

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kestrel9000 said...

#2 especially sticks out in my mind.
Not that it's more important, necessarily, than the other's just the most disappointing one.