Monday, March 31, 2008

Sam, Drew - what do ya say?

There's a Responsible Plan to End the War posted online that is getting some attention among bloggers and others. It has picked up support from some interesting folks, including Tom Perriello who is running for Congress in the 5th District, Leslie Byrne in the 11th District, and Mike Turner in the 10th District.
What say you Drew? Sam? The Plan has several aspects including military, diplomatic, and humanitarian concerns in Iraq. But, it goes beyond the current war in Iraq to include restoration of constitutional checks and balances and rights, rebuilding our military, guaranteeing an independent "watchdog" news media, and finding a path to energy independence.
Don't want to get in a big back and forth debate here, but it would be great if each of you would post a response to the plan addressing each point. Either of you willing to sign-on to the plan? Why or why not?
Ah, Mr. Goodlatte.... don't want to leave you out. If you can find your way to ask lame duck irrelevant George how you should respond that will be great. After all, these will be key issues for the next Representative of the 6th District. Don't you think you should let your constituents know what you (I mean your puppeteers) think?

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