Friday, November 13, 2009

Community Colleges Raise Tuition

Effective with the spring semester, tuition at Virginia's community colleges will go up by just under $22 for the typical three-credit course. On Thursday the State Board for Community Colleges approved a tuition increase of $7.30/credit hour to help offset cuts caused by the state budget shortfalls. The increase should help our community colleges avoid some of the layoffs and overcrowded classes that had been anticipated.
Even with the increase, Virginia's community colleges are a great deal!

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J. Tyler Ballance said...

Back when I entered a Virginia University in 1974, the cost of a SEMESTER was about $250.

What else has increased in price from $250 to $3,500? This does not include room, fees and books.

If you were the CEO of a firm, could you justify keeping a job if costs increased every years until they were now, FOURTEEN fold?

Why aren't college presidents and their fellow administrators fired, for failure to contain costs?

The salary paid to an adjunct (part-time) professor remains low. Utilities have increased, but not enough to account for the fourteen fold increase.

Take a look at all of the non-core mission activities, such as day care, fully equipped police battalions, "diversity" offices, gay programs, "women studies" and all of the other nonsense added to the cost of a University, that has nothing to do with educating our citizens.

The answer: CUT all "diversity" BS, CUT all non-core curricula.

Bring the cost of a semester back to what a minimum wage worker can save by working part-time, over four months.