Monday, November 2, 2009

DNR's bounce back censorship

Now it has happened to me.
I'd been hearing about folks who sent pro-Democratic letters to the editor, via email, to the Daily News-Record only to have them bounce back. These folks told be they'd double checked the address and found it to be correct. Most email delivery failures come back fairly quickly, sometimes within minutes. All of these bounce backs from the DNR are coming back days or even a week or more after the original email was sent. In my case, it was seven days, three hours, and four minutes later.
Given the right wing bias of the editors of the DNR and the fact that I am the third person who I know who has experienced this, and the returned emails come back too late to try again... I have concluded this is probably a case of "bounce back censorship."


Anonymous said...

Maybe they just don't like your far left wing letters.If you thought the paper was such a right wing paper why would a Democrat even want to be included in the paper maybe they aren't really that much of a right wing paper.

Mary said...

anonymous, are you an idiot? you sure sound like one.