Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

Everybody has their lists of this and that... best of, worst of, favorite this or worst that. So, what the Hell, I might as well do the same thing. So, here goes and who really cares....
Most significant day of the year (also the decade and since January 1, 1863) - the inauguration of Barack Obama as President of the United States of America.
Best album/CD of the year - Bruce Springsteen's Working on a Dream.
Most encouraging economic sign of the year - investments are up over 20% from the crappy Bush economy. I hope the improvements on Wall St. soon find their way to Main St.
Best beer (if price is no object) - Sierra Nevada Pale Ale.
Pet peeve #1 - Staunton's systematic plan to write speeding tickets... unlike most cities that step speed limits down, entering Staunton means going from 55 to 35, right now!
Biggest Shenandoah Valley political surprise - Delegate Chris Saxman announces he won't seek reelection.
Biggest Virginia political disappointment - Creigh Deeds would have made a great governor.
Best beer (when money is tight) - Pabst Blue Ribbon.
Best friend - My wife.
Best four-legged friend - Tucker. Heaven goes by favor; if it went by merit, you would stay out and your dog would go in. ~Mark Twain
Pet Peeve #2 - Giving money to a charity only to be besieged within days by calls and emails wanting more.
Must see TV - Toss up between The Daily Show and Colbert Report. I DVR and watch 'em both.
Best VA sports news - the firing of Al Groh and hiring of Mike London.
And in national sports - the Green Bay Packers are back in the playoffs.
Pet peeve #3 - drivers on cell phones.
Biggest national political disappointment - Republicans.
Best Christmas gift - a turntable. Burn the old vinyl to CD's.
Biggest misrepresentation of American history - Tea Parties.
Feel free to add your own bests, worsts, ugliest, favorites.... in a comment. You could even say this is the best (or worst) blog! Whatever. Happy New Year. May 2010 be great!


Anonymous said...

you are one screwed up sob.

Progressive said...

Talk about screwed up. Anon, you get the award.

BlueRager said...

@ anon - Have you no Christmas Cheer sir? Peace!

@ Belle - No, no.... PLAY those old vinyl records on that turntable! The sweet sound of the oldies can only be reproduced with a needle and a platter.... I know... I'm digitizing mine too, but still.....

And... I won't be happy to the 'Skins get their playoff act together. Think Shanahan!

Anonymous said...

Obama also made the Judical Watch Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicans list for 2009 along with Dodd and Pelosi. I guess you democraps are proud of your crooks.

Bubby said...

2010 And the rightwing nuts are still stupid with anger. Should be a boon for Republican con men. Hey, Sarah Palin got a gig on Fox News!

Beer? If you like Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, you will LOVE what cuz'Taylor Smack and the folks over at Blue Mountain Brewery (Nelson Co.) are doing. Might I suggest Full Nelson Pale Ale? It's hoppylicious!

Anonymous said...

Bubby Ted Kennedy senate seat just got filled by a Republican isn't it great ? Socialism is fading fast.