Tuesday, December 7, 2010

One of our better angels

I would be wonderful if we were all represented by such a senator.

May this rupture a hemmorrhoid on the south end of a northbound VC...


James Young said...

The only thing good about Bernie Sanders is that he admits that he's a socialist.

J. Tyler Ballance said...

Ross Perot said essentially the same things and he was called a kook.

Perot was right. We passed NAFTA and that was followed by that "giant sucking sound" as corporations moved assets, and whole factories offshore.

Bernie, offers NO solutions, nor do his Democratic or republican colleagues.

We need to restore our strategic manufacturing base. To achieve this, we need to insist on "fair trade" not free trade. We can't allow American workers to have to compete against slave labor camps run by the Communists.

Here at home we need TORT reform, so that a company can not be destroyed by "Suzy Creamcheese" making a lawsuit over some dirty joke she overheard. We also need to redefine "acceptable risk" with regard to product liability, workplace safety and environmental regulations.

America can stand a little more risk and a little more pollution, if it means fathers can once again feed their families.

We also need dramatic anti-trust action against the oligarchs and multinationals, like Wal Mart and MicroSlop.

When was the last time you asked an elected official what he or she was doing to help rebuild our domestic manufacturing base?

Anonymous said...

Obama was over seas just last month working on even more FREE TRADE agreements.Obama must think Clinton diidn't get enough FREE TRADE agreements.The Democrats don't have a clue.