Monday, December 20, 2010

Random acts of vacuous behavior

Okay, this post is vacuous behavior itself, but here goes...

The other day I was in Harrisonburg and spotted or heard on the radio, the following:
  • At the Lowe's there is a small bike rack. I suppose that is a nice touch, but wonder if it is often used? It is a cold day in Hell when I come out of Lowe's with such a small load that I could carry it on a bicycle! Then again, when in Beijing, we saw bikes with carts hauling everything from snow to small livestock... if gas prices keep rising we may see more "work bikes" here.
  • A Cash Advance store has a sign on the door saying "No Cash On Premises." Huh?
  • A radio ad for a funeral home wished everyone a "safe and healthy New Year." I like the sentiment, but it wouldn't be very good for business.
This one is more of a pet peeve. Like many folks at this time of year, we've made some charitable donations. Three were to local organizations helping people with genuine needs and whose work we admire because they touch lives and make us a better community. All well and good so far, but here's what irks me a bit... within two weeks all three had mailed additional solicitations to my home. Perhaps that is strategic marketing, but it seems almost rude and, to my way of thinking, a waste of resources. We'll donate to these organizations again in the future, but couldn't I get the thank you note first?

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Anonymous said...

Yes, I get it. A bike rack at Lowe's. I bit Vacuous, until you know the background. It was a suggested idea by an employee and supported by others as a worthy endeavor. Yes, at time used by mainly employees (who don't carry much in the way of products) to and from work. For me, I use it occassionally, but more important was the message to other retailers to get with the times and support sustainable living habits.