Thursday, June 28, 2012

AFP a no-show

I got the robo call with a message on voice mail on Monday night. It was Americans for Prosperity letting me know they had a bus tour and rally coming to Court Square in Harrisonburg. I am not sure how I got on their speed dial, but I was glad to know the disgusting group would be in the area. Yeah, this is the Koch brothers funded "non-profit" that is running the TV ads filled with lies about Tim Kaine. No morals and no problem with distortions, lies, and damn lies.

As I was psyching myself up to attend as an observer, I got word late Wednesday that Tim Kaine supporters were going to rally 45 minutes prior to "welcome" Americans for Prosperity. I was encouraged -- there would be a few kindred souls willing to stand up to purveyors of the big lie.

Supporters of Tim Kaine chat
after AFP is a no-show
By 4:45 pm there were about 35 supporters of Tim Kaine for U.S. Senate clustered around the courthouse steps. Jazmin Bailey from TV3 was setting up her camera. Even in the late afternoon heat, Harrisonburg mayor Richard Baugh had on a tie and blazer -- most of us were far more casually dressed. I recognized folks not only from Harrisonburg and Rockingham County, but also from Staunton and Page, Shenandoah, and Augusta counties. Several groups of two or three more people showed up swelling the numbers past 40 -- not bad for last minute notice. Jazmin pinned the mic on the mayor and the camera began rolling -- it was then that we learned Americans for Prosperity would likely be a no-show. Seems they had several events on their tour but had been greeted by Kaine supporters at every stop, had failed to turn out many of their brainwashed supporters, and apparently they'd bagged their planned events later in the day.

I couldn't believe it. With the Koch money and organization I'd figured there would be a glitzy bus and lots of signs and people. When I walked to my car about 5:15 pm there was still no sign of AFP. So, I am left with several questions:
  • How does AFP, an obviously partisan group, get tax-favored 501(c)(4) "social welfare" nonprofit status?
  • Is it true that AFP and the Koch's deep pockets really can't buy grassroots support for their lies?
  • If AFP can make robo calls to tell me (and others) of an event, why can't they tell me it is cancelled? How rude!
It was fun chatting with Democrats supporting Tim Kaine and as a side benefit I got a Kaine yard sign. All in all a nice summer afternoon's work!

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