Sunday, June 3, 2012

Bobblehead Bob continues to duck and dodge

Bob likes his office but
he really doesn't care
much for the voters.

Bobblehead Bob Goodlatte continues his strategy of ducking and dodging his June 12 primary opponent, Karen Kwiatkowski, as well as the Democratic nominee, Andy Schmookler. In doing so Bobblehead Bob is also ducking and dodging interaction with voters in the 6th Congressional District of Virginia. His most recent bit of dodgeball involves an open forum in Harrisonburg at 6:30 PM on Monday, June 4 at Community Mennonite Church. Schmookler and and Kwiatkowshi have agreed to attend, to interact with voters, and to discuss issues of interest to the district, but not so Bobblehead Bob.
Perhaps this isn't much of a surprise. At his occasional "town hall" meetings the "representative" generally does far more talking than listening, he sticks to tired GOP talking points, and he gets evasive or even hostile when a constituent asks tough questions. Kwiatkowski and Schmookler may not agree on many points of public policy, but clearly they... and many people in the Shenandoah Valley... agree that Bobblehead Bob has lost touch with the people he is supposed to represent. Since he won't retire voluntarily (as he promised), now is the time for the voters to make that decision for this entrenched incumbent.

Kwiatkowski, a Tea Party and libertarian favorite, believes she could have carried the day at the 6th District Republican convention where delegates gave her an encouraging welcome. But, with the nominee being selected in a primary, it is probably advantage Bobblehead Bob who has money and manpower throughout the sprawling district to turn out his loyal vote while he continually refuses to engage.

For the Democratic nominee appearing at events like the forum is the way democracy is supposed to function and a means to have two-way communication voters. Schmookler noted, "... are these elections for people's career ambitions or are they to serve the voters of the district? I think it's to serve the voters."

As the old saying goes, "politics makes strange bedfellows." Those bedfellows, be they Republican, Democratic, or independent; Tea Party or Occupy Wall Street; conservative or liberal; or just someone who believes government should be accountable to the people can take a first step by voting in the open June 12 Republican primary.


White patriot said...

Why are you so insulting and angry about our congressman? He's a patriot and a good man who wants to restore America to its rich past. You are a total jerk.

Progressive said...

"White patriot"...hmmmmmmmmmmmm I think that says it all. And by the way, which rich past are you referring to? Slavery? Women treated as property?

Anonymous said...

Goodlatte is a professional politician and Washington insider who originally supported term limits. Twenty years later, we have someone who wants to help him keep his promise. Karen Kwiatkowski is a retired Air Force veteran and a farmer here in 6th district, and she's taken a bonded term limit pledge (she has to pay $100000 if she fails to keep her word). Most of us can agree that America's "rich past" was fueled by patriots who were working to make our country great, not to further their own political careers. It's time for Bob to step down.