Sunday, November 11, 2012

New neighbor

As I discussed in a previous post, in May I built and installed a screech owl nesting box on our property. From my research, I knew we might have a bit of a wait for our first owl - folks report that it often takes two or three years for an owl to inhabit a manmade nesting box.

This week an owl arrived and appears to have taken up residence!

The owl has been there at least two days. Observations are best made at dusk as it perches in the opening turning its head from side to side taking it all in. So far, it seems fairly tolerant of our nearby activities and I was even able to move within about 25 feet for this picture.

Eastern screech owls are usually 6.3 to 9.8 inches in length, weighing 4.3 to 8.6 ounces, and with a wingspan of 18.9 to 24 inches. Screech owls eat small mammals such as mice and voles, insects, birds, and various invertebrates. The daily regurgitation of bones and fur may leave the ground beneath the nest littered with pellets from which I may be able to learn more about its diet. We have yet to observe the owl singing its distinctive trill or whinny.


Progressive said...

That's great!

Belle Rose said...

11/15/12 @ 4:47 pm - just heard the owl's call for the first time and confirmed it is still in box. Hadn't seen it for a couple days.