Thursday, January 16, 2014

Goodlatte: the 6th District's Fool On the Hill

Yesterday the House Judiciary Committee was working an anti-abortion bill that may pass the House of Representatives but has almost zero chance to become law. Representative Bob Goodlatte took to the mike in support of the bill making a completely asinine statement. Bobblehead Bob said restricting abortion is good for the economy because "having a growing population and having new children brought into the world... ahh... is not harmful to job creation, it very much promotes job creation...."

Looking at the experience of other nations reveals no direct correlation between abortion laws, job creation, or unemployment.

If we apply Bobblehead Bob's job creation logic into other legislative policy arenas, perhaps our fool on the hill will support opening the borders to immigrants with small children who need daycare, pediatricians, teachers, and playgrounds.

The best job creation I can imagine would be for this mis-representative to retire (voluntarily or otherwise) so folks in the 6th District will have a voice of commonsense and reason in the people's house.

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Progressive said...

What a complete ass he is.