Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Less Corn?

Belle Rose couldn't ignore news stories about less corn being planted this year. What's up with that? How am I to get my protein, fat, and fiber? Coarse cracked corn.... indeed!
So what is the bottom line? Higher prices for your corn flakes and many other products made with corn. Don't forget those products raised on corn - beef and poultry are the most notable. Expect the lay more green out at the grocery line.
And what about ethanol? Does this mean farmers aren't betting on the future of that alternate fuel? Cluck cluck... I'm coming to that conclusion. Corn isn't that great of a producer of ethanol. Esp. on plots better able to grow soybeans or something else. Takes too much energy to produce corn ethanol (now sugar beets may be another story). And less acres of corn = higher prices for ethanol making is even more expensive relative to (already expensive) gas.
So, I may be a dumb cluck, but I'm still concerned. Sounds like ethanol is a turkey (sorry cousin) and prices at Chick-fil-A will be going up. Also that burger. And the big greasy fried egg breakfast. Toss out some more coarse cracked corn - I'll try to fatten up before the price increase.
Peck, peck.

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