Sunday, June 29, 2008

Eggsactly.... err, Exactly

A letter in the Roanoke Times reminds us of one huge policy difference between the current congressman, Bob Goodlatte, and his challenger, Sam Rasoul.
Mr. Goodlatte, always the loyal Bush lapdog, voted against the Children’s Health Insurance Program Extension and Improvement. Using his normal excuse of "too expensive" (doesn't apply to war, does it?) he took a strong stand against children's health in the 6th district and across the nation.
The letter writer, a nurse, reminds us that Mr. Rasoul believes the federal government has a vital role in assuring that all children have health care. Healthy kids do better in school. Health problems untended during childhood may become more expensive health issues later in life.
The writer also makes an excellent point about Rasoul's willingness to listen to other points of view and to consider new and innovative ways to address health and other issues. He is supporting fundamental change in the way Congress works. By contrast, the incumbent seems stuck in the politics of the early 90s when he was first elected and marches to the drumbeat of the Republican leadership and president - even when that drumbeat is contrary to the best interests of his constituents.

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