Monday, June 23, 2008

Upset in the Hen House

Jeff Schapiro of the Richmond Times-Dispatch, the most insightful reporter on state politics, has an interesting article on the unhappy chickens in the House of Delegates. Seems the House GOP caucus traveled west to scratch in high dollar corn at The Homestead. They brought along the lobbyists, the corporations, the trade associations, and the law firms to spread some $300,000 of high protein mash. All that is business as usual - Republicans and high priced lobbyists schmoozing ain't exactly news. But, what got the roosters upset was the timing. Yep, the "family values" Republicans held this feedfest on Father's Day forcing legislators and lobbyists, roosters and hens alike, to leave the chicks at home.
But the disconnect runs deeper than family values. Seems Speaker Howell and Majority Leader Griffith aren't clucking to the same note. Are they still smarting over their rift in the election of a new state chair? Howell supported Hager while Griffith supported Frederick, the eventual winner.
Schaprio reports that most of the big time lobbyists grazed far away from Frederick, who has said he won't seek reelection to his Prince William Co. House seat . . . but maybe his wife will. Cluck.
There are other signs of stress in the Republican hen house. Many chickens are, at this early stage, strangely disassociated from the presidential and senatorial campaigns in Virginia. Guess they aren't too thrilled with the candidates? The special session on transportation may showcase more cracks in the eggs as the anti-tax conservatives try to scramble any attempts by GOP moderates to compromise with the governor.
A bit of humor had all of them clucking at The Homestead Hen House - Don Hall, a car dealer, lobbyist, and usually in the Republican flock wore a pair of shorts with one leg red with elephants, the other blue with donkeys.
Peck. Peck.


unionman said...

We are living in interesting political times......

Lemon.Lyman said...


It's interesting that you mention that there's been trouble with support for candidates that people don't like. Word is around the D-trip-c that they aren't liking Sam Rasoul's chances. You haven't talked about how Allen got the support of the Greens-I guess that's something.

Either way, Goodlatte and the Republicans are going to walk away with everything. It's ashame, a better put together Democratic caucus in the Sixth should have swept up every seat in this coming election.

Belle Rose said...

lemon... I don't quite connect with your comment. Nothing in my Hen House post gets into the congressional race. Guess your sourpuss brain just wanted to bash Sam. OK, you brought it up... yes, Rasoul faces an uphill fight against a PAC-financed and entrenched incumbent. Nobody doubts that. You are really an insightful talking head job. HA. Allen/Greens.... I bet they regret each and every vote that went to that reject.... again, nothing to do with my original post. So lyin'.lemon, squirt your juice on the Goodlatte bandwagon. Your boy will probably win and 6th district folks will be misrepresented for another 2 years. Next time may your comment relate to the original post.

Lemon.Lyman said...

Goodlatte isn't my boy. Obviously you didn't see my profile.

However, you seem too dense to remember your own post. You talked about people not being happy with their candidates. So I brought up the fact that certain influential people aren't in favor of yours. If you had half the political ability of your chicken analogies you'd be out knocking on every door talking about how Goodlatte doesn't support clean water for families. But you're not. Allen has already got that point. How many more are you people going to let by before you get buried?

Fair warning before I post polling data.