Sunday, June 8, 2008

Flying the Coop

Had to fly the coop. Too hot in the hen house. Will be back pecking around soon.


unionman said...

It was so hot today and the air so foul I got a nosebleed and had to forgo a party I was to attend. I hear it may break records tomorrow....Hmmmmmmmmm Global warming anyone? Okay..okay...I know one doesn't base a concept on a small sampling...but...darn it's hot!

Belle Rose said...

Last winter during a cold spell I heard people and the DNR say/write something like "global warming - HA!" So, it anyone wants to use our pre-summer heat wave as evidence of global warming, go for it.

There is certainly chicken coop warming - no AC in this bird's house.

Truth is, there is plenty of evidence on global warming. Learn more about it and things you and I can do at the EPA and NOAA and NRDC.