Friday, July 31, 2009

Got his Bell rung?

Just a few days after saying he wants a civil and positive campaign based on issues, Republican nominee Dickie Bell has broken his first promise. Responding to a News Virginian reporter's question, Curren suggested four debates. Before a hand delivered proposal could arrive, the reporter raised the question of debates with Bell. Dickie lashed out and went negative, saying "... here in the Valley, if you want to challenge a man to a debate, you do it to his face, not through the media." Hey Aaron... I mean Dickie... I think that is protocol for a duel, not a debate.
Then Bell proceeded to toss out all the buzz words he learned Monday night, things like "liberal" or charging that Erik Curren was new to the area. Huh? Like I've lived here about 40 years and to some I'm still a newcomer. Bell went on to allege the debates would be "staged" and he doubted their value in influencing voters. Interesting that a man who loves quoting one of the founding fathers of the Democratic Party, understands so little of what Thomas Jefferson means for us today - democracy.
Maybe we should give Mr. Bell a pass for now - after all he's only been a candidate for a few days and clearly hasn't gotten his game face on and the issues clarified. But, we should hold him to his promise of a positive issues-oriented campaign and tell him to drop the buzz words and cheap shots. With an open seat and two new faces vying for votes, Curren's proposal of four 90-minute debates - one each in Staunton, Augusta, Bridgewater, and Highland - makes a lot of sense. If Bell can't agree to at least that, he will have failed the vision of the man he loves to quote.


Visualize Politics said...

Bell sounds like a lil banty rooster crowin'and fussing that there's a fox in his little hen house. Sorry CCC couldn't miss the chance to use the barnyard imagery here. Cluck Cluck Cluck!

Time to look for a little YouTube video to share that mental picture. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Nothing like getting blindsided by a liberal reporter. To extned your chicken s*** humor, i'm glad Bell got his fighting spurs on.