Thursday, July 30, 2009

Steve Shannon's agenda

Most Democrats in the central Valley haven't yet met Attorney General candidate, Steve Shannon. Yesterday he had some stops in several locations along I-81, including one in Roanoke with the Kiwanis Club. Shannon talked about the reasons he got into politics, about being a nonpartisan, solution-oriented Attorney General, and about the key points in his aggressive agenda:
  • Legal issues that are arising as Virginia becomes a more technology based economy, including child pornography, identity theft, and other internet-based crimes.
  • Traditional economic crimes like fraud and scams.
  • Gang and drug crimes, especially those that cross local law enforcement lines.
  • Maintaining the Warner/Kaine successes in keeping Virginia a business-friendly environment by keeping taxes low and targeting investments in education, transportation, and safe communities.
We'll be hearing from Steve over the coming months. There is more about his stop in Roanoke in The Roanoke Times.

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