Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Follow the money

Who is putting up the big bucks to kill healthcare reform? Who are their allies? Some names won't surprise you. Other names might be new to you. When Rep. Goodlatte holds his town hall meeting on Sept. 5, you can bet Dick Armey, Glenn Beck, Americans for Prosperity, Joe Wierzbicki, and friends will be lurking in the shadows whispering "death panels," "Hitler," and "socialism."
Click here for a large version of the flow chart "Who's Paying to Kill Health Reform?"


Anonymous said...

While you are following the money find out how Kaine found 3 million dollars to buy laptops with.

Agitator said...

I don't know about you Coarse Crack, but Sean Hannity called me and told me to write a letter to my reps in Congress. I didn't speak to Rush Limbaugh, but Sean promised me that Rush was with him at the time, so that counts right?