Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Backwards Bob

Some Deeds supporters in the Shenandoah Valley are less than happy that Creigh Deeds has told the truth about Bob McDonnell's crusade to ban all abortions, even in cases of rape or incest:
They want to know why bring this hot button issue up now? Why bring it up at all?
Earlier this summer Bob McDonnell spent several hundred thousand dollars on TV ads designed to reshape his image, to rebrand himself, to mislead Virginia voters. In those slick commercials, McDonnell was portrayed as a moderate consensus builder, open to all ideas, and willing to work across party lines. Using shades of blue, Taliban Bob seemingly attempted to paint himself almost as a Democrat. In June, with the Democrats focused on their primary, McDonnell was able to use the power of TV to fabricate an image of him as a moderate that gave him a midsummer bump in some polls.
The reality is, of course, quite different - Bob McDonnell is a hard right Republican with an agenda sharply in contrast to the majority of Virginians and most folks right here in the Shenandoah Valley. McDonnell has again and again introduced legislation to limit and even ban all abortions, including those in the horrible circumstances of rape and incest. Creigh Deeds, the actual common sense moderate in the gubernatorial race, decided to call the weasel out on his misrepresentations on the issue of a woman's right to choose.
Most Virginians support a fair, balanced, and common sense approach to reproductive rights. One that reduces abortion by making education, factual information, and birth control choices available to all women of child bearing age. An approach that ultimately keeps big government out of personal matters and leaves the decision to the woman, her doctor, and her spiritual advisor.
Creigh Deeds will continue calling Bob McDonnell out for speaking out of both sides of his mouth by talking like a moderate in public while preaching to the right wing firebrands in private. For his lies and misrepresentations on a host of other issues - public education, transportation, public safety, jobs, vouchers, and much more.
That's why this issue. That's why now. Taliban Bob had the stage to himself during the campaign's opening act and he put on a good show pretending to be something he isn't. During Act II, Act III, and all the way to Election Day Creigh Deeds, Democrats, and many Republicans will be letting folks know about Bob McDonnell's filthy lies and the man behind the mask.
Sorry if the issue Creigh raised made you a bit uncomfortable. Sorry if it stirs ups the WASPS in the Valley Family Forum. But, it was time to call out Bob McDonnell for saying different things to different audiences. It it time for all Virginians to know the truth about the real Bob McDonnell. What they'll find in his Pat Robertson, Jeff Frederick, Jim Gilmore tainted past, and in his own record, Virginians won't like one bit.


Mary said...

McDonnell must have some slick ad people and advisors to paint him so blue. Take off the shirt and you'll find deep red(neck)

Anonymous said...

Learn to like Bob he will be elected on Nov. 3rd.