Friday, August 21, 2009

Good Deeds in Harrisonburg

I went by Court Square in Harrisonburg today to greet Creigh as he passed through Harrisonburg. Good stop, nice crowd pulled together at the last minute. Only downer was... I forgot my camera. Not to worry, TV3 and the DNR were there.
At Old Dominion Coffee Shop, Creigh talked of educational opportunity, creating jobs, the Rockingham County Fair, and his special relationship with Valley folks. After chatting with friends in the crowd, Creigh was escorted by Mayor Kai Degner to local landmark, Jess' Lunch, the Children's Museum, and to several businesses.
Commenting on the explosion of his campaign staff and offices, Creigh told a small group of supporters that during the primary his headquarters was in Charlottesville and he personally knew each and every one of his staff and most of their spouses and family. Over the past few weeks the Deeds campaign has moved the HQ to NOVA, a number of regional offices have opened, and dozens of new staff have been hired. "Now," said Creigh, "at nearly every stop I meet a new person on my payroll."
One local blogger has criticized Deed's for not spending enough time in the Valley, but I guess he hasn't been paying close enough attention. True, Creigh started his Deeds Country Tour in Charlottesville which isn't in the Valley, but it is a quick commute for many. The Deeds Country Homecoming was on the Bath/Highland line, while technically not in the geographic boundaries of the Shenandoah Valley is certainly in the Valley's cultural region. Today Creigh was in Harrisonburg and Sunday he'll be in Lexington, both about as Valley as it gets. There have been other stops in Valley communities, a rumor of a future stop in Staunton, and I predict more will be coming in the next 70 days. So to that critic - instead of squawking like an old hen, perhaps show a little Hospitality in the Valley.

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