Sunday, September 9, 2012

Classic Hits? or Misses?

I used to listen to Star 94.3 Classic Hits broadcasting out of Staunton, VA. Today and tonight and tomorrow -- not so much. Not at all.

Something changed with the station about the time the derecho roared through the Shenandoah Valley in early July. We lost power for several days, Star 94.3 was basically static for about a week after that. When it came back to broadcasting the signal seemed a little stronger but the content went down the crapper like a turd seeking a septic tank.

For one thing it seems like they dumped the local DJs and are broadcasting something canned with spam. Like that horrible Delilah they have in the evenings. The emails linking me to a listener survey ended. And the music took a turn sharply south of "classic."

So, I'm listening to old CDs and to new mp3s in my truck and car. I tune into Star 94.3 once in a while, but it is increasingly getting to be only once in a very blue moon. I check out and listen to UVA sports and occasionally tune in for (stale) local news/weather but am looking elsewhere for information and entertainment.

Classic hits - it ain't chicken salad, it's chicken sh*t.

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