Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Goodlatte playing dodgeball

Nearly every week there is a news story or editorial about Bob Goodlatte dodging debates with Andy Schmookler in the Sixth Congressional District election. Goodlatte has survived for 10 terms by doing little, meeting with constituents... err, I mean Republicans... mostly in highly controlled events, and representing us even less. Bobblehead Bob must figure that is a good recipe for electoral success in 2012. Unfortunately, it is a bad concoction for good governance.

Bobblehead Bob's campaign says he will debate but they won't even talk about when, or where, or how many. To many observers it is clear he wants to run out the clock by playing it personally safe even as he makes a sham of participatory democracy.

Coarse Cracked Corn's
Top Ten Reasons Bob Goodlatte is a Debate Dodger
  • The GOP is so strong in the the 6th District that he has grown lackadaisical by getting a pass in previous elections.
  • His opponent is a smart guy who has a good chance of embarrassing the incumbent in front of voters.
  • We may discover his voting record serves GOP masters more than his district.
  • Andy Schmookler may be seen debating an empty chair.
  • He choked on BBQ while talking to Joe "you lie" Wilson at a recent Republican gathering in Rockingham County.
  • Karen Kwiatkowski might show up and ask a question exposing Bobblehead Bob as a fraud.
  • Voters may discover he sips weak tea.
  • He might be asked to justify his repeatedly broken promise to serve only six terms.
  • He hasn’t had time to sit down with Boehner and Cantor to memorize his talking points.
  • He might actually be forced to engage with all constituents.
I'll wager you have other reasons Bobblehead Bob is virtually invisible to all except GOP activists. Add them in the comments!

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