Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The season of the *

Although this blog mostly focuses on Shenandoah Valley issues, as a Packers fan and stockholder (one share) I am outraged that a blown call on the last play stole a win from Green Bay last night. And that doesn't even factor in other missed calls in the last few minutes - defensive pass interference that was actually offensive pass interference (or a no call) and a very questionable roughing the passer flag that took away an interception by the Packers - both of which were game changers in their own right.

This NFL season should be remembered with a giant * in the record books. This is season in which the league looses credibility, fans and brand with each game... sometimes each call. Unless the NFL quickly cleans up this mess,  I'll find other things to occupy my Sunday afternoons and watch other shows during those weeknight games - there is better officiating on American Idol. Even the fools on Fox News call it better than the replacement NFL officials.

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