Monday, July 1, 2013

Bobblehead Bob's pathway to nowhere

Bobblehead Bob Goodlatte and his Republican cronies in the House of Representatives harken back to the days of "just say NO! In this case, Goodlatte (VA-06), chair of the House Judiciary Committee, and most other Republicans are applying that phrase to immigration reforms and are not even willing to consider any path to citizenship for persons currently in the U.S. illegally.

The Senate recently passed bipartisan legislation that substantially beefs up border security (to the tune of some $6.5 billion per year) and includes a "pathway" to citizenship. The term "pathway" is a bit misleading as the Senate bill actually creates a long and winding road filled with obstacles on the way to citizenship. It would take 13 years and require, among other things, for an individual to pass a criminal background check, pay a fine for violating the law, learn English, and provide proof of pay taxes. Not exactly a pleasant walk on a park pathway.

Over in the House they only see two things for immigration reform - higher fences and more guns on the border. Unwilling to consider any means to attain citizenship, the GOP would create a permanent underclass of "illegals" living, working, and paying taxes in the United States. In that shadow existence they'd live in fear, in a permanent subclass, and in a degree of desperation - not exactly characteristics of a healthy community. Goodlatte and the other bobbleheads would make our cities and towns less safe, less productive, less caring, and less just while trampling on the American Dream for everyone.

A majority of the House of Representatives - Democrats plus the few common sense Republicans in that chamber - would probably support immigration reform similar to the Senate bill. But with a fractured Republican Party, a serious lack of leadership from Speaker Boehner and others, gerrymandered congressional districts, and shortsighted congressmen who think only of the next election there is a good chance that Bobblehead Bob's Judiciary Committee and the entire House will do absolutely nothing.

Doing nothing isn't exactly new for the House. Doing nothing is getting old and hurting our nation as we prepare to celebrate Independence Day. It is time for Bob Goodlatte's tired world view to take an exit to the 1950s. It is time for new representation for the good people of Virginia's Sixth District.

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Anonymous said...

goodlatte doesn't give a rat's ass about hispanics. he doesn't like them he doesnt care about them but mostly he doesnt need them to get elected