Wednesday, October 16, 2013

How will Bobblehead Bob vote?

Twin Sons of
Different Mothers

The vote on the CR that will reopen the United States Government and avoid default is on the floor as I type. What will Bobblehead Bob Goodlatte do? Vote for the good of his constituents and the American people or with his twin son from a different mother, Ted Cruz?

There is no winning choice for these clowns who held the American Government and people hostage for two weeks.

My prediction is that Bobblehead Bob will pussy out and vote "No." Why? Well all, or nearly all, Democrats will vote yes. They will be joined by a couple dozen common sense Republicans to forge a majority to get Americans back to work and short-circuit the GOP-engineered default. Our lovable Bobblehead Bob can vote "No" and cozy up with the tea partiers with full confidence that his vote won't matter.

How is that for courage? How is that for looking out for everyday Americans? How is that for representing constituents?

We should expect more of Bobblehead Bob Goodlatte, but unfortunately over the years he's torched those expectations along with many bridges.

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Anonymous said...

You nailed it. Goodlatte blamed everyone but himself and the tea baggers for holding America hostage. And he voted to keep it shut down. What an asshole.