Sunday, March 15, 2009

Clipped wings

It used to be that Democrats loved to make fun of Jeff Frederick, chair of the Virginia GOP and radical right's favorite poster boy. The swac girls and Kurts of the Shenandoah Valley were enthralled with the boy wonder and helped to put him in power, but now seem to be distancing themselves from the fool. They act like they don't even know him.
McCloskey's cartoon sums it up nicely - Jeff Frederick has become the poster boy of the failure of the not only the Virginia Republican Party, but specifically underscores the bankruptcy of the party's right wing. 
"In these grim times, voters seek leaders who are seasoned and thoughtful. Yet the GOP displays--Jeff Frederick? Even the Boy Scouts would know better."
Junior G(OP) Man, Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star 3/13/09
"Jeff Frederick seems eminently qualified to serve as chairman of the Republican Club at Sean Hannity Middle School. The delegate from Prince William serves as chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia instead. There's the rub."
The Right Thing, Richmond Times-Dispatch 3/13/09

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