Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Flocking around II

As predicted, the candidates are starting to gather at the grist of an open seat in 17th District House of Delegates. You'll recall that William Fralin surprised everyone by announcing he'd be stepping down.
Yesterday, a couple birds of different colors announced they'd be running. Gwen Mason, a Roanoke City Councilwoman, formally announced what everyone knew - she'd be a candidate for the Democratic nomination. She called for "sound investment of public money" and promised to forge a close relationship between state and local officials. Her announcement apparently preempted fellow member of city council, David Trinkle, who said it would be distracting to have two members running at the same time. Eric Thomas, a realtor, said he'd make a decision about running soon.
On the GOP side, lawyer Melvin Williams became the first to enter the race. Pulling a well worn page from the Republican playbook, Williams called himself business-friendly and a solid conservative who believes in family values. Cluck, Cluck, Cluck. Perhaps most important - where does he stand on Jeff Frederick as State GOP Chair? Roanoke County Supervisor, Mike Wray, is also mulling a run.

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