Wednesday, March 4, 2009

When the lease runs out

The tiny hamlet of Williamsville in the northeastern corner of Bath County, VA is in danger of losing something precious to some 136 families - the Post Office. The Williamsville Post Office has but 14 boxes with old fashioned combination locks. There is no parking lot. It generates only $40 per day of revenue.
The owner of the building says he doesn't want to renew the lease - is there really a higher paying tenant out there? Faced with the news, the Postal Service took a hard look at the dollars and sense of keeping such a small Post Office. Closing it seemed like the best option - but not for those 136 families and the local phone company who would have to travel 25+ miles to Millboro to pick up packages or mail certified letters.
Death of a zip code and community? Perhaps. But, being anonymous has certain advantages. Believe me.
More about going postal at the Roanoke Times.

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