Thursday, February 18, 2010

"I love Virginia State Parks"

"I love Virginia State Parks." So says Governor Bob McDonnell at the end of a new TV ad promoting the parks as spring (hopefully soon) arrives. But, he apparently doesn't love them all equally - the governor has proposed to close five state parks: Mason Neck in Fairfax County, False Cape in Virginia Beach, Caledon Natural Area in King George County, Twin Lakes in Prince Edward County, and Staunton River Battlefield in Halifax and Charlotte counties.
The closures will save about $500,000 according to the Governor's Office. State jobs will be lost and the closures will be a hit on tourism in each locality.
A full list of the governor's budget recommendations is here. How much love can we take?


Native Virginia said...

I would have preferred that Governor McDonnell kept the rest areas closed and not propose to close our state parks. In this economy where the citizens of our state and tourist alike are attempting to find affordable entertainment our State Parks are a natural choice. Rest Areas on the other hand provide the criminal with an opportunity. By keeping the rest areas closed we provide a source of income to the gas stations, restaurants, and convenience stores at the next exit.

Belle Rose said...

Native, I agree. Rest area closures really weren't that big of an inconvenience and as you noted helped businesses along the routs. We could avoid these park closures and some of the other pain if politicians just had the balls to acknowledge that the car tax boondoggle was a mistake that keeps on kicking VA's budgetary ass. Every year they fail to admit it is a mistake made anew.

Kristi Orcutt said...

At Virginia State Parks, visitors will enjoy rare moments of tranquility, connect with nature, and experience the beauty of our beautiful state. Services offered travelers at rest areas can just as easily be offered by businesses located just off the highway. Close rest areas and see a boost for local businesses. Keep our precious parks open and in-state, out-of-state, and even out-of-country tourists will travel to those communities to experience the best of Virignia! Kristi Orcutt, Chesterfield, Virginia