Saturday, February 13, 2010

Subversive birds...?

So, the same political mindset and many of the same politicians who demanded school accountability and brought us the "wonderful" SOLs more than a decade ago now want charter schools. These charter schools would be public schools, spending taxpayers dollars, but would be freed of many state regulations and standards. All of a sudden they don't give a cluck about accountability?
Matter of fact, the Governor and his Republican cohorts want charter schools so badly they barely have qualms about bypassing the Virginia Constitution that gives local school boards the power to supervise schools within their jurisdictions. No, they don't trust government closest to the people, instead they are pushing an appeals process that could bypass the local (mostly elected) school boards and let the final decision rest with the State Board of Education. Members of that board will be Bob McDonnell's birds-of-a-feather.
Could this all be part of a long term strategy to permanently hamstring K-12 public education, begin shifting public dollars to quasi-public schools, and eventually to funnel tax dollars to private schools - a long time goal of the right wing? The public and common sense politicians of both parties need to wake up and smell the chicken litter.

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Progressive said...

It sure stinks to high heaven.