Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Changing colors?

According to an article (may require log-in) in the WaPo, Bob McDonnell would have us believe he's really a middle of the road moderate. Eying vote-rich NOVA and seeing blue in all the major population centers of the Commonwealth, McDonnell says,
"We're all liberals at heart. We just don't want to pay for it."
Don't buy the lie that McDonnell is a liberal at heart - or even close to being a moderate. Raised on the political knee of Pat Roberston he's right wing - far right! 
He is right when he says Republicans don't want to pay for it. The Iraq War is on our children's and grandchildren's backs. What strikes me is that McDonnell is endorsing the notion that government should shirk its fundamental responsibilities to the people and the responsibility of sound fiscal management. McDonnell could be like George W. Bush running up the deficit or Jim Gilmore practically running Virginia into bankruptcy.
A nonpolitical acquaintance who has had direct dealings with Bob McDonnell described him as "slick and self-serving." His current repositioning certainly illustrates that characteristic. Like a chameleon, McDonnell seeks to change his colors to match the environment - but he's still the same cold blooded right winger.

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