Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Sunday - pass the popcorn

Super Bowl Sunday. Game starts in just minutes. The weather has been mild so I spent a little time outside. Didn't really miss the hubba hubba on NBC.... much adoo about less than nothing. Did make a point of watching the two Springsteen interviews and Matt Lauer's talk with Barack Obama.
On the game... I really don't give a rat's ass (apparently many other Americans don't either), but will root for the Cardinals because they are seen by most as underdogs. Plus, with Rush Limbaugh being a Steeler fan, that brand is crap.
I am a huge Springsteen fan and have been wondering (along with millions of others) how he'll cram the energy of a 3+ hour concert into 12 minutes. If anybody can do it, the Boss and the E Street Band can. So, what's on the playlist? Gotta think he does Born to Run. Maybe Working on a Dream. He's been recruited for years and finally agreed to the Super Bowl in '09. I think it is his optimism for the U.S.A. with an Obama Administration. Born in the U.S.A. on the playlist? BTW, his new album, CD... whatever... "Working On A Dream" is f%$#ing great! Been renaissance of sorts... "The Rising," "Magic," and "Working On A Dream" all speak to the soul of our nation and are performed with precision and unbelievable vitality.
The commercials will be fun, but again they are a flash in the pan. Hope they provide a little economic stimulus for the short term. Guess they did for NBC.
May the best team win. I'll have some popcorn. Pizza. Gimmie another beer. Now kick it off, already!


Belle Rose said...

My better half says, "best halftime show ever." Agreed! In spite of a fantastic finish to the first half, screw football... keep the E Street Band on stage FOREVER.

Belle Rose said...

This one had it all - great performance of the national anthem, exciting play to end the half, best halftime show ever, and a down to the wire finish. Congrats to the Steelers. The homemade pizza was wonderful, the popcorn buttery, and the beer cold. Doesn't get much better.

Another view of Springsteen and the E Street Band playing halftime. Sorry Liz, they are a national treasure and belong to all of us. The perfect messenger during our national juxtaposition of hope (Obama) and pessimism (economy).