Monday, February 9, 2009

Not so sweet after all

Just last week Hershey Chocolate Co, in Stuarts Draft was conducting a hiring fair. Now they are firing employees... or damned close to it. According to NBC29 Hershey's will furlough about 150 employees for a month. If the economy doesn't improve, many of those furloughs will likely be permanent.
Meanwhile hypocritical Republicans in Congress, including Bob Goodlatte who sent out a flatulent newsletter "explaining" himself, are dawdling around. Yep, Mr. Goodlatte, who had no trouble spending billions in Iraq and helping George W. Bush in running up the national debt for a war that had nothing to do with our security, can't help rescue his county and his constituents. Is he for "big government" only when it means WAR?
Bob, I have news for you. This is war. War against fear that feeds on itself. Americans lives at stake. American families. In times like these we expect our elected officials to... lead, follow, or get the Hell out of the way. You've let us down, Bob.

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