Saturday, February 28, 2009

Greg Marrow announces challenge

Dr. Greg Marrow, a resident of McGaheysville and a Harrisonburg optometrist, announced he will challenge Steve Landes for the 25th District House of Delegates seat. Marrow's announcement adds another district to the growing list of incumbent Republicans in the central Valley facing challenges. Jeff Price has been in the race to unseat Ben Cline in the 24th District for months. Gene Hart is challenging Matt Lohr in the 26th District. So far, no candidates have emerged to challenge Todd Gilbert in the 15th or Chris Saxman in the 20th, but there are rumors of at least one potential candidate considering a run against Saxman.
The 25th District includes portions of Rockingham and Augusta counties, the City of Waynesboro, and three western Albemarle precincts. Landes hasn't faced a serious challenge since he was first elected  in 1995. With unemployment rising (Waynesboro has reached nearly 8%), more Charlottesville area residents moving to eastern Augusta County and Waynesboro, and frustration with the ultra-partisan GOP leadership in House of Delegates, Marrow will find an opening in even in the most conservative parts of the sprawling district. He says a cornerstone of this campaign will be encouraging economic development and helping manufacturers to use green/alternative energy to grow their businesses and create jobs.
Landes, who one observer at his pre-session town hall meetings described as looking "tired and uninspired," broke ranks and angered conservative Republicans with his support for the smoking ban in restaurants. Then, marching to the party line and trying to cover his own seat, he voted in support of the gerrymander.
But, before becoming the Democratic candidate, Dr. Marrow may face a challenge for the nomination. According to the grist mill, James Noel of Mount Sidney is circulating petitions - so far, he's made no official announcement that's been reported by the media.

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Anonymous said...

uphill battle in this gop area... but not undoable. landes has been on cruise control for several years.