Saturday, February 28, 2009

Why did the chicken cross the road?

A couple of paid ads in today's Staunton paper are of interest:
Perhaps reflecting the fractured local GOP, the Constitution Party of Augusta is having an organizational meeting at the Waynesboro Public Library this week. Appealing to far right Republicans, the ad promises a (unnamed) speaker and discussion on "means and methods of reasserting our Liberty!!" You may recall the Constitution Party had a booth at some county fairs and was attempting to get Chuck Baldwin on the ballot for president. Baldwin eventually ran on the Independent Green ticket in Virginia. 
The other ad titled "Message to Staunton and Augusta County Republicans" was paid for by the John Brownlee for Attorney General campaign. The ad promotes a reception for the candidate hosted by Chief Jim Williams and Dr. Steven Nichols. Both of these gentlemen serve in appointed positions that, while quite political, are generally seen as nonpartisan. Williams is Staunton Police Chief and Nichols is Superintendent of Staunton Public Schools. So why did these well known men cross the long and winding road into clearly partisan turf? Will conservative Republicans who support Ken Cuccinelli for AG sit idly by? Will Democratic leaning members of Staunton City Council cry foul? We may have a bird's eye view to any blowback. 

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Dave said...

Belle Rose!

Thanks for the acknowledgment...but you got us all wrong. The Constitution Party is not reflexive to anything in the GOP and we don't give a hoot for the far Right, the far Left nor the extreme Middle for that matter...only that those folks wake up and see the bright shining Constitutional light. Nope! You can't define us by any of the old hackneyed gobbly-gook paste of labels used by mainstream wonks and winks, all designed to keep the folks brain dead. Nope! We are far too positive and self-assured for all that!

And guess what? People like us! Truly amazing!

My best,

Dave Mason, Chairman
Constitution Party of Augusta County/VA

P.S. We've got spirit! You want spirit? Then come join us for a totally upbeat life!