Sunday, June 28, 2009

Bob's "blue" ads

Earlier I posted that Bob McDonnell's early summer run of TV ads is evidence he is (1) worried about Creigh Deeds and (2) running from his own "raised on Pat Robertson's knee" past.
His overly slick ads been running heavily on Shenandoah Valley stations. Now that alone says something - if Taliban Bob is worried about hanging on to this Republican stronghold, he does have major problems.
After seeing the ad, it is becoming obvious that McDonnell is trying to morph into... hard to believe... a Democrat. And its not just the blue shirt. He, one of the most extreme partisan hacks in Virginia politics, talks about working in a bipartisan fashion and not caring who gets credit. Excuse me, was that ever part of his political persona? McDonnell is the most transparent blue when he talks about making Virginia a good place for business. Democrats have been there, done that, and keep on doing it. Governors Mark Warner and Tim Kaine have led the Commonwealth to #1 rankings as a great state to do business. Most recently Forbes, CNBC, and Pollina Corporate Real Estate all praised the business climate in Virginia. More here and here.
I suppose McDonnell has little choice. Virginia is changing but most Republicans haven't. He has to find some way to leverage independent voters who are increasingly voting Democratic. So, his ad guys are hustling to create a new, and patently false, image. I'm sure those ad guys are smart, but I think they underestimate Virginia voters - who won't buy the lie. The truth about the real Bob McDonnell is too damning to cover up with sound bites.
Virginians know they've had seven years of responsible leadership in the Governor's Mansion. Leadership that has been recognized for running efficient and effective government and creating a good environment for business and job creation. Voters know Creigh Deeds will continue moving Virginia forward with that same brand of common sense leadership.

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