Monday, September 28, 2009

Another empty chair?

The News Leader and TV3 were working on an early October debate between Dr. Greg Marrow and Del. Steve Landes. According to good sources, Landes has now bailed out of that commitment. Hard to have a good debate when one chair is empty.
Multiple choice quiz. Pick your favorite reason Del. Landes doesn't want to debate:
(a) feared another shellacking
(b) no good answer on the jobs issue
(c) doesn't have a new folder to hand Dr. Marrow
(d) he is still "POed"
(e) all of the above
Seems to be the Republican strategy in the 20th and 25th House districts - dodge debates and discussion of issues and hope voters in the Valley don't notice.


Anonymous said...

Belle Rose we have something to agree on im glad you brought it up, Landes should make it to the debates and so should Deeds. So i guess you think Deeds should stop dodging debates also right ?

Riley Murray said...

It was clear that the intensity of the last debate was beyond Landes competitive capabilities. In the several public forums, where I've seen him first hand, he continues to try to reduce expectations for himself. Saying voters can turn him out if they are not happy with him. And casting himself as "work horse" (not a race horse?). In short -- Steve Landes has no "fire in his belly". An easy way out of this thankless $!7K per year part-time job is to make a half-hearted effort. Skipping a debate with a strong opponent is strong evidence of his lack of passion for returning to the HoD. 13 years may be his personal tolerance limit.

Progressive said...

"E" All of the above