Monday, September 14, 2009

Comeback kids

I'm a proud and unabashed Green Bay fan living in the heart of Redskins turf. Perhaps that makes me a socialist... after all, the Packers are the only community-owed, nonprofit professional sports major league sports team. Around Green Bay, by far the smallest city that is home to a professional team, you don't have some fat cat owner pulling the strings. While all professional teams (and many players) sponsor charitable activities, community involvement and charity is at the heart of the Packers - their original articles of incorporation (1923) even stipulate that if the Packers are sold or move the proceeds will go to Sullivan Post of the American Legion in order to build "a proper soldier's memorial." In 1997 the board of directors changed to beneficiary to the Green Bay Packers Foundation which makes donations to charities across the state of Wisconsin. Still the notion of community, helping one another, and the common good runs through everything from Lambeau concessions to players' unique relationship with their Green Bay fans.
In spite of playing all their games in a city with a population of just over 100,000, the Packers are one of the most popular teams with a national following and one of the longest waiting lists for tickets in professional sports. With apologies to the "boys," the Packers are truly "America's Team."
Last night the Packers beat their arch rivals, the Chicago Bears, 21-15, in the season opener at Lambeau Field. It was a comeback and a defining moment for QB Aaron Rodgers:
Aaron Rodgers finally has his signature game-winning drive, throwing a 50-yard rainbow to Greg Jennings with 1:11 remaining to give the Green Bay Packers a come-from-behind 21-15 victory over the division rival Chicago Bears in Sunday night's opener.
If any Redskin fans are still reading this, they are probably wondering why is CCC, which typically talks of things in the Shenandoah Valley, posting about a sports team from Green Bay, Wisconsin? What's the connection?
Well, here in the Commonwealth we have our own comeback kid by the name of Creigh Deeds. Creigh who is also a Packers fan, was written off by many pundits after big talking Terry McAuliffe entered the Democratic Primary contest last winter. Then a strange thing happened making pundits eat their words. In a three-way contest, Deeds garnered 50% of the vote easily beating McAuliffe and Brian Moran, who had been full time campaigning for months. Comeback kid, part 1.
With the Republican field to himself and Deeds battling in the primary, Bob McDonnell had time to "redefine" himself. It was smoke and mirrors and falsehoods as Backwards Bob ran away from his own right wing past and tried to look and sound almost like a centrist Democrat. The polls reflected this rebranding as Bob Mc opened a gap in most polls.
Like a football game, the gubernatorial race is entering the fourth quarter where hard work and sticking to an honest game plan will pay off for Creigh Deeds. For three quarters Bob Mc ran a misdirection game appearing to be one thing while beneath the veneer he was something quite different. Then the WaPo disclosed his '89 thesis for Pat Robertson's university where he discussed his right wing game plan for the Virginia GOP. The truth is out about Bob McDonnell - he's slick, he's dishonest, he's got a far right agenda, and he's been exposed.
Creigh Deeds' fourth quarter game plan is the same plan that has guided him through service in the House of Delegates and the Virginia Senate: hard work, community values, teamwork, and straight talk with the people. Like the Packers and Aaron Rodgers, Creigh Deeds is a comeback kid - he's done it before. Stay tuned for an exciting fourth quarter where he'll do it again.


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